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Las Vegas Wedding Informer

If you are planning for the big day then you must visit Las Vegas Wedding Informer for all your wedding needs.

Las Vegas is world renowned as the entertainment capital of the world. It is the preeminent destination for those looking for sun, fun, gambling and more. But did you know that there are more weddings officiated in Las Vegas than in any other city in the world. That’s right Sin City is the place where men and women flock to tie the knot. But for many who are planning a Las Vegas wedding they live in cities around the globe and find it difficult to know how to contact all of the wedding vendors and wedding services providers who will supply all that a wedding requires. If they need a band who do they call. Looking for a Elvis Themed wedding? Want to renew your vows? On a very strick budget? Need a free Las Vegas wedding? Looking for the Best Chapel on the strip? Need a wedding planner who do you call? Need a caterer who do you call? Need a wedding dress or tuxedo who do you call? You get the picture. It can be a very difficult task to orchestrate a remote wedding. Luckily for you Wedding Informer in Las Vegas can be your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding needs.

The last thing that you need to do when you are tasked with planning a wedding is to have to individually contact each and every supplier or contractor that you come across to vet them to determine which one you will select. Think of it this way; for an average wedding in Las Vegas there are an average of roughly twenty-five suppliers who you will need to contract with in order to facilitate your wedding. So, if you contacted just 2 suppliers for every supplier needed that would add up to fifty potential suppliers at a minimum that you would need to speak to in order to finalize the selection of the contractors. Who has time for that?

However, if you partner with Las Vegas Wedding you can utilize their concierge service which means that they will provide you with a pre-approved list of suppliers to choose from which means you can make one decision instead of having to vet fifty or more suppliers. You can also receive preferred or discounted rates on product and services by utilizing LVWI’s certified suppliers. So, you have the potential to not only save significant time but also save significant money as well. Not to mention far fewer headaches and stress. LVWI also offers in-house wedding design and planning services which can not only help you to select the perfect venue for your special day but also help you with all of the planning details. This can save you the very significant expense of hiring a wedding planner.

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LVWI also has in-house wedding dress and tuxedo sales as well as rental options. You can even rent your transportation through LVWI…how about a stretch-limousine for the big day? You need party facilities for your rehearsal dinner or for the after marriage celebration then LVWI has you taken care of.

LV Wedding Informer is your one stop wedding shop.

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