today is May 17, 2022

Las Vegas weddings

If you're thinking about a traditional wedding in Las Vegas, there are many different options. The first choice is a chapel, which can be expensive. While you may have no problems with a church, wedding ceremony, or reception, you may want to find a different location. Fortunately, there are plenty of hotels and resorts that will accommodate your wedding without requiring a reservation. The other option is to rent a wedding package, which includes the ceremony and reception at a nearby venue.

For a more intimate wedding, consider having the ceremony at the Little Church of the West. Founded in 1941, this chapel only offers one ceremony each day. The unique chapel's parking lot and entrances were designed to ensure that no two brides could possibly see each other. This means that you won't have to worry about getting your guests mixed up in the crowd, and this is perfect if you have a large party.

A more traditional wedding at a chapel might be more formal, but you can also have an unconventional ceremony in the desert. For example, you could get married on a helicopter above the Strip, or even get married in an Elvis theme. There are no boundaries when it comes to Las Vegas weddings, and couples can choose from many themes and options. You can even choose to have your ceremony in a private courtyard. For a more unique wedding in Las Vegas, consider a theme party.